Gamma knife tomorow

Hi everyone, tomorow i have gamma-knife surgery, how is after surgery? is pain or some side efects? thank you everyone.

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Hi Tomas. After gamma knife I had tenderness at the pin sites and noticed some more fatigue than usual but it was all quite minimal. It was really only a day or two and I was back to my pre procedure self. I’m sure it will all go well for you, all the best! John.


Thank you very mutch John!

Hi, hope it goes well for you and I’m sure it will, it took me about 5days to get back to my normal and got my second Gamma next week. All the best, sending my love

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Hi Tomas,
I have had the Gamma Knife twice… once when I was ten and then again when I was sixteen. I was completely sedated both times because of my age (and because I have zero pain tolerance). I found it a bit hard to sleep after surgery because the pin sites were tender, and I couldn’t turn on my side either because I didn’t want to open the angiogram site. I was fatigued a lot more the rest of the week, but everything else was pretty much the same.
I wish you good luck!! I will be thinking of you!!
Yours Truly, Julia
P.S. Watching your favourite movie during recovery may help you to cope after surgery… I watched Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows while I was recovering in the hospital!

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Hi Tomas,

I plan to have GK early next year, sending all my wishes for a swift recovery :smiley:

Big hugs,


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Hi Julia ,thank you very mutch ,im going there now :slight_smile:

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All dan,after long day im resting in hospital…one think i didn’t like is the frame…
Thank you everyone for helping me


Well done! Best wishes for a full recovery. Take it easy.


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Great to hear Tomas! Take Care, John

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I hope it went well for you.

Just the frame uncomfort and a numbness around the top of my skull from pins for a few weeks… otherwise a walk in the park… it’s angiograms that freak me out. I hope your GK went well.

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Hope everything went well for you. I’ve now had the Gamma Knife three times, following a second bleed in 2020. :pensive: