Getting Life Insurance

I tried to get life insurance from 5 companys and each one denied me because of my AVM. All I wanted was a $10,000 policy. Has anyone had problem’s getting life insurance? If you did get it can you tell me who I should go to?
Thank you,Brenda

Yes we had issues as well. We just wanted to increase the insurance on each of us, and her’s was denied due to AVM. I haven’t tried again, but if you are 5 or so years past with the AVM, they might allow it.

If you are working, you might be able to buy it through your company, but be careful: Ours would pay if you had an accidental death, but if you just got sick and died, it was not covered.

If you really need it, you might have to resort to one of those TV ads for insurance with no physical. Most they would insure for (I’m guessing) is $10K without a physical, but might be worth a try.

Another option, though not life insurance, is to save $150/month–I know–easy for me to say–at 3% interest for 5 years and you have your 10K.

Best wishes,
Ron, KS

Try State Farm insurance, I think they consider AVM patient

I had the same problem. Liberty Mutual finally insured me but I had to verify that it had been more than 5 years since my last procedure (they counted MRIs and CTs as procedures).

Have you checked with your bank or credit union? Sometimes banks and credit unions have insurance partners that will give policies under $50,000 to people regardless of health risks.

As my daughter is just 19, this aspect had not yet occurred to me. Liberty Mutual insures our home and vehicles, so maybe they will be of help to her at some point. I suppose this is just one of many obstacles to be faced in the future. Thanks for the tip and for the bank/credit union option.