Ginko biloba

Of course I’ll still be sure to ask the dr. Before I try but is Ginko biloba safe to take if I have a brainstem avm (cyberknife 2 yrs ago)? I know it increases blow flow but is also used in treating Tinitis, which I also have. Any input would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

Hi - I tried it, and it wasn’t a good mix for me; however, just like anything, it affects everyone differently. My AVM, now obliterated, was in the cerebellum, near the brainstem, but no Tinitus.

Also, on a totally different subject, there was a report on how many herbal supplements, GB being one of them mentioned, contain levels of lead and, I think, cadmium (which is exactly the opposite reason for taking GB).

The research was saying that the levels can depend on things like the maker, the batch, etc. If you’re planning to commit to GB, you can call the manufacturer to see if they do tests to ensure against these things or not.

I would defer to the doctor on this one, Scott. All supplements should be approved by your neuro, particularly if you are already on medications.

absolutely :) just trying to get some personal exp. to compare to the professional guidelines (dr) :)

that is exactly as to why i like to get mssg board opinions :) its very good to know that fact. Ya, i took it a few times after i had radiation surgery to help the effects of the steroids. It definitely helped but i willing to try any natural alternative at that point. Now that thats over (2 yrs now) I'm more reluctant to try even herbal remedies because of their contents and what said contents can do to (pos/neg) effect my body lol :p

the ear ringing is something i haven't experience since the surgery (up to 2 weeks after) and only started again 3 weeks ago (at most). Ive been on neuron tin (gabapentin) since my stroke and its also used to treat ringing ears. I am actually in the process of weening of it completely (as directed by neuro). Most likely the lack of the substance is bringing back the ringing (can't win them all), but I've been looking up otc/natural ways to treat tints and ginkgo is one I've seen repeatedly. I just wanted to get fellow-feedback because if anyone knows this stuff its (some) drs and fellow avm survivors .

Its an awesome bit of info concerning the possible lead (etc..) contents because now i will take that highly into account when moving forward in my decision thank you again :)

Not sure if you have them in your area but we have some fabulous Chinese herbal shops in our area with staff very willing to help. Gary has always avoided GB for the blood flow reason so I’m not sure in your case. Next time I’m in town (sometime later in the week) I’ll pop in and ask them for you if you dont have any readily available to you, is only 5 mins round the corner from me.

We have discover the natural route seems to work best, many things dietary based, we’ve been frequenting our local library and read many books on the subject, it’s definitely worth a try!