Glad to have you here, Emman10 from Ontario!

Hello there @Emman10, I am pleased to introduce you to our wonderful community! So, how’s the weather there in Ontario? Is it sunny there right now? I’m from the Philippines and it’s pretty windy here right now! Well, that’s usually how the weather feels like here whenever Christmas is approaching. Btw, how’s everything going now? I hope that everything goes fine with you soon! I’m glad that you found this community and We’re so happy to have you here.

In this community, we have a bunch of people who are always willing to share their own experiences and treatments. So, I hope that we would be able to help you in any way! Also, if you have any questions, my inbox is always open for you! Just click my avatar (the circle with an “E”), it will take you directly to my profile and from there you can message me!