God is good!

Well June 6th we thought we were going to lose our son… But God saw things differently!! He guided him from the moment he woke him up that faithful morning and guided him down the stairs into our room where Chason was able to warn us (without knowing) of what was going on inside his brain!! His bleed was in his cerebellum which controls our coordination so when Chason said he couldn’t control his body movements, couldn’t get his legs, arms, body to move where he wanted to, lost his balance and proceded to pass out after… Again without knowing at the time God was telling us what we were in for!!! My husband who is a time management GURU lol was running late to work… Again God’s work at best!!! Because I would not have been able to get him up off the floor, carried him over my shoulder and into the truck to rush him to ER which so happens to be next door to where we live!! God once again guiding our lives all the way!!! Through prayers, faith and support from family, loved ones and our Blessed church “FaithWorld” “no other world like it”:slight_smile: We have endured what has been the most changeling summer of our lives! Specially for Chason whose world was turned upside down in matters of seconds… Regardless he has renowned faithful that our God has this under control and now he is coming home!!! 1 month in PICU in an enduced Coma, another month at St Mary’s working on getting him strong enough to head to his next phase in his journey at Joe DiMaggio rehabilitation where he spent another month determined to regain all that was taken from him!!! Now he is finally coming home:-) God has saved him, healed him, restored him and bringing him home for his full and complete restoration!! He will continue therapy at home to regain his coordination and articulation in order to speak, walk and live his “not normal” because he is anything but that…his “miraculous” life as a child healed by God and whose life has a bigger purpose than any of us can comprehend! God is working with Chason and healing alot of our faith in the process!! Thank you to all for your prayers and may God continue blessing your lives as he has and continues to bless ours!! My son has truly gotten my faith to reach levels I’ve never thought possible!!! Thank you Jesus for your unconditional love and mercy!!! Chason is coming home!!! God bless all!<3 Thank you to veryone God has placed in our lives that touched and impacted the outcome of Chason testimony!!! Love ya<3

What a wonderful posting, so glad for you all!
Many Blessings and continued healing!

I feel the same way! I feel God sent me my son Gabriel to make me find out about my fistula. If not pregnant with him I would never have found out and had the surgery that saved my life. God is good and generous!

I love your testimony:) Thank you for sharing. I had to read it because we have had numerous experiences in our AVM journey where we have said, “God saw it differently”. Our little guy, had a stroke at 6 months of age. He is now 6 years old and while we have faced many challenges, we continue to see Gods work in him everyday! He is a fighter and a blessing. A pastor once e-mailed me regarding Ashton and said that he must think very highly of us to give us this child, this child that has allowed us to be blessed more than anyone could imagine:) God Bless you and prayers to you all.

SO glad to hear Chason made it through! May God bless you even more with a full recovery!! My prayers are with you & your family through this difficult time!!!

Hi Jana. I am so excited for you that Chason is coming home! Please keep us informed as to his progress. I will keep praying for his recovery!