Groin pain/discomfort 4 months after angiogram

Hi everyone,

I had my first angiogram about 4 months ago. The procedure wasn't too bad apart from the injection to numb the groin area and the warm sensation of the contrast dye (very weird). The lying still for 6 hours was the worst bit especially as i needed to pee about 2 hours in. Had the most intense aura ever which meant that i couldn't read my book or play my video game. Went home the same day and rested for the next few days. I still had some discomfort 5 days after and sitting in one position for too long was a little difficult.

I have a raised scar at the insertion site which doesn't hurt but it was sensitive for a few weeks after the angiogram. Occassionally, I have had a little discomfort in the right groin area. Over the last 2 weeks this has increased and I sometimes have a sharp pain that travels from the groin to half down my right thigh. There is also slight pain in my right hip. I have this when I'm sitting and walking. It is especially noticeable when I'm lying down and trying to get to sleep. Needless to say sleep has been somewhat interrupted.

I don't think that it is sports related because i only jog.

Has anyone else experienced discomfort so long after their angiogram?

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Hi Paula,

Have you called the doctor? This long after the angio, I think a doctor should look at it. The needle stick or the placement of the catheter could have been problematic, and sometimes there is a problem with the closing of the insertion site. We were given a little card with info about the closure device and signs to look out for…maybe you have one of these among your discharge papers?

Hope it lets up!

This seems odd, scar tissue yes, but pain? I agree w/Jorie I think you should get it examined.

Definitely not normal. I don’t even think I experienced any sort of discomfort longer than a week after my angiogram…

I once agreed to let a student doctor insert the catheter, big mistake, after 10 minutes a “real” doctor had to take over. I had a large bruise and lump for about a week. Since then I have had 4 or 5 with no problems. Maybe some muscle was damaged? I would get it checked if I were you…

I had three angiograms last year and as a nurse on my feet all day my groin is always sensitive and gets very sore. Actually had another angio yesterday and am in horrific pain… its so so bad…You are not alone and yet don’t know whoat to do for it but when I get bad I try to rest again with four kids and a job it can be challenging. I ask questoins but again, unles you are experiencing it, its just something else to deal with.

My point is unfortunately I d oexperience it but again, to me its the body’s way of saying rest.


PS Also I would definintely mention this to your doctor; we all to realize on this site we are all individual with indiviuals case but as alays your physician needs to be aware of everything that goes on…you are not a bother but he needs to know… Hope you find relief and he needs to rule out anything else going on…I get soreness but if your is pain he needs to know. Call him today.


Meeeee. I don’t know if it was the angiogram or not . . . but I am starting to think it was. Probably about 3 months or so AFTER my angiogram, I had a pain in that area that felt just like a sore or pulled muscle. I couldn’t sit crossed leg on the floor or even relaxing with my feet soles together. I couldn’t feel it standing up or even just walking around the house. I am an elementary teacher so I frequent the crossed leg sit often. For a while, I just did stretches to stretch it out and that seemed to help but it just didnt really go away until about 5 months ago or so and it just vanished. What will be interesting is that I am due for my routine angiogram in a few weeks. i think the riddle will be solved if that same pain comes back.

Hey Paula,

I hope you’re either no longer having the pain or have been able to speak with your doctor and get an answer. If it wasn’t for the fact that you said the pain also went down your leg my first thought, like some others who have posted here, would be maybe scar tissue.

My last angio was about 3 1/2 years ago. Since then I’ve had pain in both groins where they’ve gone in and am wondering if it’s maybe from scar tissue. I hope that’s all it is. I’ll be having another angio next month and will ask the doctor about it then.

I’ve had three or four angios (am starting to lose count now, though I’ve obviously not had nearly as many as Shalon - I don’t know how she keeps up with the count!). They had used the right side for the first two or three, and the last time they tried to go in through the left side but for some reason were unable to get the catheter to go through. So they had to go back to the right side.

Since I’ve been having pain, and now that I’m getting ready to have another angio I’m starting to get a bit anxious because I’m worried that it’s going to hurt more. I’ve asked to be knocked out if they can do it so I won’t have to worry about it. As you all know, I’m sure, sometimes they can put us out and sometimes they have to have us awake. I don’t want to be awake for this one!

Naturally, when my cat or smaller dog are in my lap it seems like they always have to put a paw in one of my inguinal areas to push off when they want to jump down- ouch!!

Hope the pain is gone. :wink:

I agree that it is probably not a bad idea to have it checked out, but I have had three angiograms, the first of which was 9 years ago, the most recent of which was just over 5 years ago. Much like you, the initial pain lasted for a couple of weeks, but then started to fade away. However, depending on the weather, if I have been sitting in the same position for too long, or if I go a little overboard with the physical activity, then I can certainly still feel discomfort in the area of the angiogram. Let’s face it, the human body was not designed to have tubes run from the groin to the brain, so any scar tissue that develops can cause lingering discomfort.

My angio was easy. I was a little sore for week or so after but when I took off the band-aid on the second day I was expecting a 1/8 of an inch scar but nope it was just a tiny little red dot like someone pricked me with a needle. I would question the doctor that performed it.

Hello Paula,

I have experienced something similar to what you are experiencing. I’ve had four angiograms since the AVM bleed was discovered. I don’t remember much about the first two angiograms since I was in ICU during the time I received them.

The third time was about eight months after my hospitalization and surgery. I made the mistake of going to work the day after the procedure. I remember feeling discomfort around the groin area, and pains in my right leg. Whether I was sitting, standing or walking, I would feel the pains. I would sometimes purposefully limp on my left leg to see if that would help with the pain, or I would put most of my weight on my left leg while standing. Neither worked. The pains would last about two to three months. I think that it would be best if you called your doctor and see what the problem is, especially if your pains have lasted this long.

Take care, and I look forward to hearing about your updates.

Best, Leslye

I had the same problem. The doctor said the incision was likely close to the nerve. It took several months but it finally went away. How are you doing now?

Paula, Saw your post and can relate to your situation. I had several procedures (embolizations and angiograms) done in 2009 over several months, all using the right side/femoral artery. The area was already scarred from past procedures a few years prior and from when I was a teenager. Anyway, after the first procedure that year I began having pain well after the site, tissue and all shoul have healed. Later that year when they discovered a couple of blood clots along the femoral vein they also informed me that I had an elarged lymph node in my upper inner thigh vicinity of the crease in leg next to groin below the femoral artery. The pain I experince from it is just as you describe. In fact, I am never pain free in that area as I always have constant pressure, pain and/or discomfort there. When it really acts up I get the pain radiating down the inside of my thigh towrads the knee but also up into tthe hip and lower abdomen on right side. I have been told the femoral nerve was damaged which may account for some of what I experience. When I try to walk more aggressively on the treadmill or do too much around the house whatever it is enlarged swells and becomes more painful. I have also been told it could be some type of a hernia or possibly a perforated vein, etc. Hopefully I will know something next week as finally after two years of suffering with it my doctor is doing an ultrasound on Monday. Will let you know what I discover/learn. In meantime, hope yours gets to feeling better. v/r Steve

Since i had my craniotomy done on April 2009…I had like 6 angiograms done and 1 embolization and a couple of MRIs…and I still have some discomfort to my groin area but not pain…Also they told me that they couldn’t do it anymore in the right side because there was a lot scar tissue, but they do informed you. They are right you should check on it!..Good luck my friend and you can always ask do not hesitated to call please!!