I was so excited to turn 16, I literally waited my entire life. & my parents forgot it was my birthday. My entire day sucked. Today's going to suck. The rest of the week will suck. But cool.

Happy Birthday Brooke!

I don't think will help, but when our daughter used to say to us "Oh, this is the worst day of my life" (generally said after some rather small dust up), I would try to calm her by saying

"Dear, trust me, you will have many more days much worse than this one............."

See what a consoling dad I could be?

Best wishes,
Ron, KS

Hopefully, you enjoyed your day still!

Happy Bday!

If you haven’t seen the movie, “Sixteen Candles,” you might check that out-similar situation.


Ok, how did you escape the infamous birthday board on this site?? Yay, sorry your day sucked...but I like Ron's suggestion, oh so lovely to hear, isn't it? lol. Forget the Bday thing... make it all week! Happy Belated Birthday Brooke. :J

Yes, find that movie! I always like to say "no matter how bad it seems, it can always be worse!" I guess I'm like Ron...very consoling? Happy sweet sixteen anyway.

You can still make it a great bday week celebration!! That’s what I like to do:-) Sorry your parents didn’t pay much attention to your birthday, but hopefully they will today. Just remember, it is still special to you to turn 16 and that’s what matters Brooke.

Hey, what birthday board on the site? lol A very happy birthday to you sweet Brooke. Birthdays are important for all the milestones. The day my little sister turned 13, we buried our dad. Very tough day for all of us. That was more than 20 years ago. About 5 years ago we were talking and she told me that she always remembers that I was the only one that remembered it was her birthday and gave her a present. That one little thing helped her get through that day. We still miss my dad every day. Have a wonderful birthday week.

Happy Birthday ... and here's a suggestion .... ssshhhhh. Sneak in and grab one of their credit cards. Then organise a birthday party for yourself this coming weekend. And when your parents come home, you all jump up and yell - SURPRISE!!!!! WE MAXXED OUT YOUR CREDIT CARD!!!

well so sorry an i know what that feels like hang in there..........love tricia ps happy birthday!!!

Yeah no. Don’t do that…lol.

Happy, happy birthday sweet Brooke! Please don't let other people make your week suck! To up, you are so special..so stay positive! WOW 16!

Thanks everybody.