Hair Loss After Embolization

Hello My Friends
As you know, my son went under Embolization for the second time on the July 9th.
In his first embo on the April 1 st, he had no hair loss but now he has hair loss (after few days pain in the skin of his head).I worry for him and for his hair and I wonder why no hair loss after the first session but now hair loss after the second one and …
1/ After Embo, hair loss is usuall?
1/ How long after Embo, hair loss will be started?
2/ How long it will be continued?
3/ Will it regrow again? All? When?
4/ Before hair loss, usually is there some pain in the skin of the head?

It will come back, just takes time, my doc said it was due to body shock that mine fell out but 6 months after its all back

I did not have hair loss after embo’s but I did have pain and tenderness of my head. It was pretty bad the first time which was due to the change in blood flow through the AVM. The remaining three had pain and tenderness but not as severe. It took some time but it did get better. My hair loss happen after the radiations. The first time it grew back fine after the second most grew back but left me with a quarter size spot of permanent loss. This is highly unusual according to the docs.

Hi Alireza
I think that hair loss is quite usual after a lot of the treatments
1./ I think my hair started falling out about a week after embo but it was not a lot at the begining, but i did eventually notice it on my pillow every morning of coming out in the shower
2./ I think it came out over a period of 2 months, very slowly at first then more and more
3./ All my hair has come back now i’d say it took about 6 months before i noticed any change in the baldness - my hairdresser recommended I take Brewers Yeast and Sea Kelp tablets
4./ My head was completely numb after bleed so i cannot comment on any pain in skin covering head, sorry


I have been trying to get somebody to answer me on this too. I had a stroke in 4/08 and then an embolization a week later. About a week after that I lost a lot of hair on the side and on the back of my head. It started to grow back, but I had bald spots on my head. Fortunately my hair is somewhat long, so I just let my hair grow over the spots like flaps (get someone who understands what happened to cut your son’s hair.)

I had a second embo in June, but the hair didn’t fall out the second time. The doctors thought the radiation from the first embo killed of my hair. But it’s almost all grown back. Next time, I get a hair cut, I won’t have to continue wearing “flaps” of hair.

Good luck to you and your son and I hope his hair grows in.


Hi Mike
Thanks for your reply.Could you please let me know:
1/ In the back and side, all the hairs was lost (before regrowing)? In my son, the back’s hair is lost as a size of a hand palm(fully empty).
2/ How long after it grow back?
3/ How many times you are going to do embo?