Hair loss after radiation

Has anyone else had hair loss after radiation? I had my treatment on the 4th and my hair is falling out like crazy. My doctor said it should slow down but I cant even see a bald spot where it is coming from on my head so Im scared Im losing all my hair. I just want to know when it is going to stop.

i started loosing hair about a month after radiation. i have 2 bald spots now,which thankfully can be covered by the rest of my hair. got my radiation done june 14th

I had been told that mine wouldn’t fall out. I have waist length hair & was going to cut it & donate it to Locks of Love if it was going to do so, BUT since Gamma Knife in early June & craniotomy in early July, it does seem like my hair is coming out much more than usual. It does seem to have slowed down some in the past couple of days.

I have to say the OR staff was very careful about shaving as little of my hair as possible for the craniotomy.

Hi Christine. You might find this interesting…

Hi I have radiation in 2008 was also told my hair wouldnt fall out, but it did - however it grew back pretty much as soon as it fell out. :smiley: its a normal side affect of the treatment, for some people, just i guess some doctors should make people more aware that it could and does happen.

Christine…my son started losing his hair within a few days after his craniotomy…the left side of his head and the back were pretty much bald…I thought it was from all of the anesthesia he had over the past few months and during his surgery-but the neurosurgeon told us it was a result of all the radiation from all the procedures he’s had…was nice to know why-it took a good 4 weeks before he even saw any hair coming back…it’s been about 8 weeks since surgery and his hair is almost all back-thinner but all the bald spots are covered with hair. it takes awhile for the hair follicles to become active again…hope this helped.

Thank you all for responding to my post. Im happy to know that at least my hair is going to come back!

Hi Christine! Your hair will grow back :))! I’ve had the same effects as you have had --> I’ve lost a fair amount of hair from the emobolization and raditiation treatment I had back in June and thankfully do not have any bald spots but my hair is so thin I can almost see thru it!!! I’ve invested in a few clip on extensions (human hair) that solves this temporary inconvenience :slight_smile: I was told that this could be the case for up to six months and the hair will start growing back … I’m thinking even thicker than before :)!!!

Hang in there!

I posted on Saturday about my hair…then on Sunday afternoon, I found a large almost bald spot above the area they shaved for my craniotomy (for aneurysms, not the AVM). I’ve had a few people tell me that anesthesia made them lose hair, but the docs sure didn’t tell me that. I guess I’ll keep wearing my caps & scarves.

Hey Christine. I lost some hair after the radiation. It seemed like every time I combed it or ran my hands thru it, it was coming out by the handful. This slowed down. Also, I noticed in the spots where the beams were pointed I had bald spots. I had two spots in particular. They were in the center of my head and each about the size of a quarter. It’s been about a year since the SRS and it’s grown back in. So as not to take anything for granted I’ve glanced at the pics I took of my bald spots and am grateful. I promised myself when the radiation occurred that if I lost all of my hair, I wouldn’t fret :slight_smile: So many things we see as important kinda change… or at least they did for me :slight_smile: You’re beautiful no matter what. I’m sure the hair loss will slow down. If I can suggest a great shampoo too… try Nexxus. It smells great. Best to you.