Has anyone had an Angio and Embolization on the sameday, same procedure before?

Hi I was wondering if anyone has had an angiogram and embolization during the same procedure.
I am due to go for my 3rd embo in two weeks, but have been told while I am under general Anesthetic they will do the Angiogram first and then the Embolization. As I was meant to have an Angio next week, but my consultant has decided to do it all in one go.

Thank you

Someone smarter’n me (most of you) needs to check what I’m saying please.

It was my understanding that they used an angiogram procedure as part of the embolization process–the angio guides them where the catheter is moving to. I don’t think they would first identify an AVM, and do the embo at the same time, but if they know it’s there, and that’s how they are going to treat it, it seems ok that they could do an angio and embo at the same time.

Also, when you say general anesthesia, Chari was given local numbing, and probably some sedatives, but she was 98% conscious so they could have her respond to a neuro exam when they inflated the balloon to stop the blood flow to the AVM. The process was inflate the balloon, do the neuro test, and if all her parts still worked fine, inject the glue and move out.

Hope this helps.
Ron, ks

Hi Ron
Thanks for your advice, they knw the avm is there so I think they want to do the angio to see the status of the avm and what needs to be done as I have had 2 embos before. And rougly 70% is glued up. Wow Chari was awake when they did her embo? I was awake when they did my 1st angio. But through both embos I have been asleep in GA. On me they have used Onyx glue both times. My only concern was the dye being trapped inside from the angio, whilst doin the embo straight away. But thank you.

Dipen: I had three angios with embos following all three as my doctor felt it was better to do this; sometimes he felt things could change between the agio/embo times so I gave him permission to do what he felt was needed but he also went into the angio know an embolizaiton would be needed each time. I was under general anesthia all three. I had three this year in Jan., March, and June with another one soon… Best of luck, sending much positive energy to you. I went home pretty much the next day…by the third my groin was pretty sore but its to be expected. How are you feeling? Mare

PS SThey also used Onyx glue with me too…Mare

An angio is a look see, so if they need to look, the docs have to do an angio.

if the embolization is right after the look see, they are already where they need to be to do the embolization.


I just read about your concern about the dye.

The nurses suggested that I drunk plenty of water after the angio to flush the dye out.

I hope it worked :slight_smile:


Hi Ameenah, thanks but I will be under GA, so I will be asleep no chance to drink fluid, as once the Angio is done, they will start the Embo, as my surgeons team and ridologists will all be in the room watching and dicussing what needs to be done there and then.

thanks, my concern is for the dye reamining in the area they glue up there for being trapped in the vessel walls

I wasn’t talking about drinking fluid before the angio, I think they injected dye when they did my angio.

I’m not sure about dye around the glue site, but they injected dye so they could see what was going on.
I was told to drink as much water as possible in the next 24 hours to flush out the dye they injected.
Jefferson puts you to sleep also for angios. I have had an angio at Einstein and I was awake when I got it.

I believe an angio is good when they are doing an embo, so they can see what is going on.
I have had angio without embo. I only had one embo and then I got GK.