Has anyone had craniosacral therapy? What did you think of it?

I’ve recently discovered carniosacral therapy. I don’t know alot about it, it is a hands on therapy where you remained fully clothed and the practitioner cradles your head. He/she somehow, moves the cerebral spinal fluid around through very light pressure. All I know is that it works for me and I was wondering if anyone else has it or has tried it or any other holistic therapies?

’ Every shock, tension, illness and injury can leave its mark on the body - this technique has the ability to restore balance. It has its origins in osteopathy.’


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My doctor was talking about that but I havent done it yet. He wants to try neural therapy first with the scar tissue and see how that goes. Same principle for neural therapy, every scar leaves its mark on your body and it messes with your autonomic nervous system because of how extensive it is in our bodys. Can throw everything in your body off. I’m waiting until I have the money to try this as my doctor dosent take my insurance and hes the only holistic one I trust. Nice to hear that another relatively non invasive treatment actually works.

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I am lucky as my partner does that. But sometimes
It does not help the pain.

My daughter has had that done. She said it moved her headache to another spot but didn’t make it go away. However, I think she did have a better week after it was done as far as headaches go .