Has anyone heard that an eagles player has avm?

An Eagles player, named Matt Patterson had a seizure while on the field(I forget whether it was practice or what). They said that one doctor said he was pretty sure it was an avm. Two others said that it was too early to tell but they didn’t rule it out. I don’t watch sports but I saw this on the news. I am especially interested because I am near to Philadelphia and i am hoping he can help with awareness. I don’t believe that he has bled and he is doing alright. The news reports aren’t going into a lot of detail but I hope he makes a speedy recovery and can help with awareness. I was just wondering if anyone else heard this story.

I read this story yesterday too! If I didn’t have an AVM, it would be one of those stories that I just read over and have no clue what they’re talking about! I don’t think he had a bleed either & hope he helps bring awareness too!

Yes, I did…Several of us have sent the AVM Survivor Network information on his Facebook account, so he will know we are all here for him!

Yes, my sister told me about it. I read this quote today on Yahoo news :

“With today’s medicine, there is just a ton of options and everyone wants to jump right in to surgery because that’s what been happening, not just with this particular case but with anything,” Burkholder said. “There are so
many other avenues out there, so it’d be foolish for me to even speculate what’s going to happen with Mike.
We handle football injuries all the time, but this is a neurological problem.”

First, there are not a “ton” of options. Second, the NFL is worried about more news on head injuries from football, and want to be sure they can differentiate between what they call “football injuries” and “neurological problems”. My question is what’s the difference?


They’re still not sure if it’s an avm, I’m sure they need to do an angiogram before being sure. I’ve seen and read several reports and they aren’t going into detail because they have no idea what they’re talking about. I wouldn’t know either if I didn’t have one so can’t blame them.

Yeah, I need to be less cynical. But I am. My sister-in-law who has Psoriatic Arthritis said to me me yesterday:

“Isn’t it sad that some famous athlete has to get sick before some of these lift-altering diseases get some attention. What is necessary is that our stupid government must l get it’s act together and keep funding the medical research that will hopefully make a difference to many who suffer with these little known afflictions.”