Has anyone's AVM returned after having treatment?

I had an AVM discovered in 1996 and had gamma knife surgery in 1997. For the past 8 months i have been having dizzy spells which have gotten worse in the past few days. If i'm standing up when i have one i fall over. My blood pressure has also recently gone quite high, this is very unusual for me. I am due to have an MRI scan on wednesday as my doc thinks its vascular migraine i'm suffering but without the headaches!!!!

In back of my mind i keep thinking AVM but was told years ago it would probably never return. has anyone had this problem?



I'm sorry to have to say that yes, it does happen, and it happened to me. I was told that the chance my AVM would return after it was 'obliterated' by embo in 2006 was very unlikely. But I found out after an angio in Sept. 2010 that it has in fact grown back. I thought something was going on because the deficits I got, compliments of a bleed, have been progressing. But I thought the problems were going to be due to part of the catheter still being in the aneurysm, because it became stuck in the onyx glue and they weren't able to get it out. But I was in for a big surprise that frankly I never expected.

We've seen recently with what happened with the reporter Serene Branson one of the (crazy) ways a migraine can affect someone. I believe hers was called a vascular migraine too.

I hope you will get some kind of positive and encouraging information from the MRI that will lead to resolving your current symptoms. Best to you.

Thankyou so much for the reply. I’ve been questioning this for ages becasue i’ve been so well till the dizzy spells started again, now as i say there getting worse and i’m actually falling over when i get them. I’ve been waking up in the morning feeling really washed out and just generally feeling off. Need to wait and see what MRI says hope you are in good health. xxx

I do get dizzy but, mine is from vertigo. I take myclozine for it.

I am totally worried about this. Had a craniotomy in may 2010 and in mid march had a car accident where I struck my head on the streeting wheel.
Was transported to the same hospital I had my surgery, they did a CT and it showed a small bleed. I have had several ct’s over the last year anytime I go to the hospital
For a migraine. This time a small bleed showed. I see the nuerosurgeon on Wednesday. However, I am hearing that the small bleed is normal healing. Anyone heard anything like that??? Very worried.

Ben Morrell said:

I do get dizzy but, mine is from vertigo. I take myclozine for it.

I asked my surgeon last week if it could come back and he said yes. If any AVM cells remain there is a chance of regrowth. What a nightmare. Best wishes.

Brooke, I've never, ever heard of a bleed being part of the healing process. That's a new one on me. I can understand it being in the healing process after a bleed. Small bleeds are very common with the avms (at least, thats what I was told). As my doctor calls it, "blood seepage". Meaning blood leaks out through a vein and not from a rupture.

According to my doctor - small bleeds are something to be concerned about but, they are normally not life threatening. They can create some temporary 'problems' untill the body is able to obsorb it and get rid of it. I hope this helps you.... Ben

Jen, I have been told twice that my daughter’s AVM is gone. My daughter has now proven them wrong both times. A doctor once told me to follow my instincts. If you think there’s something wrong, check it out until you’re convinced you are getting the correct answer.

My AVM was removed back in 1985 and I have not had any problems other than pain and seizures. I cant have mri's since the metal clips used back than are not compatiable with the machine. I do sometimes worry that a regular CT scan is only a blur, but my dr tells me everything is ok! I wish the dr who did the surgery was still around, but he retired.

I have never heard of one coming back. Bleeding is not normal, there must be a problem, I"m sorry to say.

I hope you have checked this out with another dr.