Having a baby after avm bleed

Call me crazy…but I will be 35 in July and I am ready to try and get pregnant for the first time, I had a craniotomy with embolization in my cerebellum last Aprill (2009) . I feel I have improved so quickly and the thoughts of possibly having a baby and wanting to be in good health physically and mentally has really pushed me hard to recover (mind over matter-your brain can heal your body!) I go to the gym all the time…it has been the biggest help for me in my physical therapy…I have been to the docs and they say when ever I am ready I can move forward in that regard… Any books anyone can reccomend on this topic or any advice for me???

If you are a gym rat, you’re probably in great shape to have a baby.

My wife (unknowingly) having an AVM, had two natural childbirths with no issues. She was in good shape, but not an athlete by any means. The DRs later were amazed that the AVM didn’t present during one of the childbirths, as the blood pressure would be up so much…

Worst case, you might consider a c section to minimize your risk during delivery.

Best wishes,
Ron, KS

I had three kids, all natural childbirth, two with epidurals and 1 with no painkillers, before I knew I had an AVM. The AVM did not cause any problems during the pregnancies, except during the last one (15 months before my bleed), I tended to get headaches (mild ones). I’ve been told I’m extrememly lucky the pregnancies did not cause a bleed. I stayed in very good shape, ate very healthy, did not gain a lot a weight, and my blood pressure was always low. I don’t know of any books related to AVMs and pregnancy, but What to Expect When You’re Expecting is always a very popular book.
I don’t know about the health implications regarding being pregnant with an AVM, but with my personal experience, my kids were the greatest blessing, who helped give me the strength to get through such a difficult experience. All of us on this site have dealt with such scary situations, we need to cherish the time we have and I can definitely say that having a child is probably the most fulfilling (yet demanding) experience you will ever have
Good Luck!