Head started to hurt today

I think its due to too much stress, walking too much and too little water… anybody been having this problem too?

My head hurts when i press d end part of the ‘C’ (scar), and i have a little bump on the same area…

Everything still function normally… i can still eat sleep and type… seee…

Yes I still get bad head achs if I stress to much, or don’t get enough water. That last ones my worst, I’m never good a remembering my water, the Ob nurse is always on me for that. As far as walking, I’m not sure, I’ve never linked head pain to that, but you never know. And just like any mama/smart ass would tell you if it hurts to press on it, don’t do it.:o)… Best of luck to you though.

Is your neurosurgeon responsive? Mine is pretty good about returning my phone calls to answer questions like this. It’s worth the try I think.

My husband suffers from pain right before storms as well; usually rain is the worst for him. Usually after the rain he’s right as “rain” but it can almost take 3 days prior to enviornmental response, and the entire time he hurts.

Rhoda didn’t you start back at college this week, maybe your stressing over that as well
Yeah and listen to Monica as well!

stress can definitely cause anyone’s head to hurt, so can dehydration. I’m with Ben- call your Dr.

Yes- stress, walking too much, and little h2o…I have the same problem. I can combine a lot of stress and not enough h2o- and still be fine. If I throw sleep deprevation and walking for longgggg time, I’ll have a headache for days. If I throw in drinking, SUN, and wearing my RX sunglasses- OH, THAT WILL MAKE HURT (I’VE DONE IT…)


It seems to me that I am more sensitive to things that cause head achs then people who haven’t had avm. When I get a bad head ach I can normaly back track as to why it started to begen with, about this time I wish I where capable of kicking my own but for not paying closer attention. :o) But I’ve gotta say the extra hormones caused by being pregnant haven’t helped. My first trimester I seemed to have more head achs then morning sickness.

yesterday i start to hav a sore throat then flu… sick for the first time after my surgery… then i woke up in d middle of the night touching my head for no reason… and felt it was bulky than before …like swollen… i hope it will go away…

lol… thanks for doing it first for the rest of us…lol

hey Ben It didnt hurt anymore… so i didnt call him lol. but yesterday i got sick… and it become bulky… i noe… call d doc right… ya…ok :slight_smile:

Hi Libby, wow… i nvr heard of this… i feel my problem is so minor now…hehe… i think im just been running around… but it doesnt hurt anymore… i hope ur husband is feeling better.

yeahh…hehe. ill be drinking like a camel now. Now that i hav my kettle back…