Headaches and nausea

Does anyone else get very nauseated when they have a bad headache? Every time I get a bad one, to where I can't get off the couch or out of bed, I feel like I need to vomit. But I never actually have vomited. That is good right. Has anyone asked their doctor about it??? I know its nothing but just curious if i'm the only one who feels this. I see my doctor in march and will once again ask questions and hope he can give me more than the "well its just something you will have to deal with". The only way I feel good with the bad headaches is to sleep and when I wake up I feel the nausea almost instantly. Any comments would be great thanks so much for reading this and giving any advise!!!!!! Happy valentines weekend to everyone as well!

Hi Andrea, My name is Beth. I get headaches so bad sometimes. I actually get a few different kinds. I have learned to recongnize the differences and how I need to react to each one. Here are some things that help me and you can see if they help you for each of the different types you may be getting. One is to put towel wrapped icebags at the back of my neck and cold compresses on my eyes. Another is ice or ice cream, anything frozen eaten…this is when I get a bleed or swelling that causes facial pain in my cheeks or eyes. I push the frozen whichever (ice icream, etc) to the roof of my mouth and let the cold work its magic. Another is to make a V with my hands resting chin in the small of the V. Then use my fingers to massage or push gently at my temples and eyes. And then I too have to just resort at times to sleeping. These seem to help me. I have also just been told about breathing exercises and/or yoga to relax your mind and body. I have not tried that yet. Im sorry your Dr said its something you will have to deal with. Its not something we have to deal with as much as something we have to Learn HOW to deal with. Two completely different things. I hope these tricks I have learned will help you. Oh, forgot, a nice relaxing hot shower/bath also can help you. If you can learn what happens before the pain starts (keep a journal) then you can get a head start on what you find works best for you. I am so hopeful that these work for you. I understand what you live with as I do myself. Keep in touch and we can share ideas!! Take care! Beth

I was getting headaches and nausea when I would lift stuff,not as bad as it sounds like you get them. It felt like I had the flu sometimes it would last for three days. Wish I had the answer,Happy valentines day to you too Gordon

When I had my bleed I felt very nauseous. I thought it was nothing except a bad headache until I started throwing up about 12 times. Since then, every time I have a bad headache, I feel nauseous, but never threw up except when I was having the bleed. I never asked my dr why this happens…probably had something to do with the swelling in my brain.

I’m not sure what is going on with you, but just to let you know, when I had my first bleed, I felt like I was going to vomit and I did several times.
My headache was around a few days before, but my head was not hurting when I started to vomit.