Headaches- shunt setting

hi everyone, hope you all had a great holiday. I ve been in bed the last 5 days with bad head pain. monday my wife drove me back to hershey med. center and my neurology team gave me a cat scan to see if I was bleeding or something else was wrong. the only thing they could figure since my avm was obliterated was my shunt was draining too much fluid from my head .So they re-set my shunt for 130 , instead of 150. its cool that it is done magneticlly. no cutting or internal looking. today is the first day I don`t have head pain since saturday. dec. 10 th I must return to hershey for arteriogram (camera) into my brain to see how everything else is doing. my neoro doctor , dr. horton is a great doc. funny and he said “we still talk about you richie” you were a pleasure to take care of and funny things I did kept everyone amused. I would air guitar and sing loud with my ipod on,( the nurses would come in and shake their heads ) I would spit my pills out and pull my lines out of my arms. my brother was always warning me not to pull on catheter line and one day it snapped back on my privates and I yelled. my brother said that finally cured me of pulling on that !! I tried escaping the ICU too ! they would catch me walking the halls trying to get out. and would walk me back and tie me down. anyone else have head pain like I discribed ? from draining of too much fluid from the head ?

No wonder there still talking about you, Richie! lol


I’m glad you are feeling better! My daughter had a drain tube in while we were in ICU after her bleed. Once I forgot to close the tube off when I was lifting her out of bed for therapy. She was suddenly in a lot of pain when the change in pressure pulled too much fluid off her brain. I only did that once!

Shunts are an amazing thing my exhusband had one put in 30 years ago and they literaly cut him from forhead to the top of his neck to place it. When he gets headachs you palpate this button on the side of his head. Our son has one and he has a two inch scare and they two just put the magnet on his neck to adjust things. Technology~ great thing hopefylly they can find a way to be able to cure all of the AVMs. PLEASE!!!