Hello My Fellow Midwesterners!

Saw that nobody has used this regional tag in a while and wanted to say a big hello in case anyone sees this!



Hello - from the state that looks like a mitten!


Have to be a tough person to survive in a winter glove! Michigan has Hell, Paradise, and Christmas.
It will be 10 years this fall since my rupture. It happened days before my daughter started kindergarten. It happened days before I was to be married. Now here I am.

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Emma, I didn’t even know this page existed. Another Michigander here.

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Hello from Minnesota :slight_smile:

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Hello from Indiana!

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Hi from the Thumb of Michigan! 2 years post AVM bleed resulting in a stroke. This is not a good location to have a major medical event in the middle of covid. Major hospitals 2 hours away, most not having any beds available. Ended up being taken by helicopter to Saginaw MI. Slowly recovering and trying to move forward.

Its been a beautiful fall so far, not looking forward to winter. Have so many questions that can’t be answered so i keep looking! Glad i found this site!

Welcome, @Sweetmosaics!

Please feel free to ask anything you like and we can share what we know from our own experience. It’s good you found us.

Best wishes,