Help any i feel they are a difernt perosn after thier bleed

Hi all can any one help, not sure where or who to talk to i find myself feeling like ive change and no longer feeling im the same person i was beore my bleed, not sure how to explain like im living in a movie and im watching an actor playing the part of me, i fell that i dont do what i want to do i do what i ment to do follow the crowed be the loving husband(as oen sees in all the movies) but i just find it all seems wrong that it not me. not sure how to explain jsut wish life was alot easyer,

has any one else felt or feels like this, love to talk to see what i can do to feel better....

Hi Gavin - I think that many feel this way…you’re definitely not alone in being or feeling like a changed person. I can assure you that things will get better - and that “better” timeframe is different for everyone - so give it time to move and settle in.

Hi Gavin,
The fact is that you will be different, and that's not a bad thing. AVM's change you, and if it's a brain AVM it changes hoe you think, sometimes your personality. Embrace the change I say:)))

Hi Gavin,

As Jules and James have said, it changed many of us. Myself included. It takes time for us to come into acceptance of the "new me". If you think about, anything new that comes into our lives, it always takes us some time to adjust to it. Some things are easier than others but, in the end - we did it! We got through it. . :)


Hi per what i have witnessed.... it is very rare to find straight forward answers & solutions to any of our problems in life..... one of the easiest way to solve our problem is to distract our mind & keep it occupied with something which makes us happy..... this attitude must come from within you...its a conscious choice you have to make... my suggestion is if u can find time atleast 3 hours a week try to join a charity organization & disabled children etc n spend time with them..... your mind will change & your pain will look lesser.... you may regain more positive energy :) good luck to you.. :)

yes don’t over think it it’s the new you. better if you don’t Rember the old!! But the people around you also need to adjust.

been a while since being here. Go the all clear from my AVM and STRS then next year get diagnosed with Ankylosing spondylitis. just takes time to adjust.

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