Help I have to pee too often

Ever since my cranie I have tp go often. (2-3 times per hour. I am wondering if this is a common condition after brain surgery. Has anyone else experienced this.
Aside from the hemianopsia (left side visual field loss) I consider myself pretty lucky to have recovered to almost back to normal. I can put up with the frequent trips to the rest room.

Hi Larry, you may be experiencing some hormonal changes if your craniotomy affected your posterior pituitary gland or your hypothalamus (hypothalamus is where anti-diuretic hormone is produced). The posterior pituitary gland is responsible for secreting a hormone called anti-diuretic hormone which helps your body retain fluid and is one of your body's mechanism for fluid balance in your body. Make sure if you are urinating large quantities to replenish your body with as much as your daily output. Normal output is about 1500-2000 mL/day and your input should be 1500-2000 mL/day. If you do not replenish the equal amounts that you are outputing then your body will go into fluid and electrolyte imbalance. I would most definitely discuss this problem with your neurosurgeon - just to be on the cautious side.

Hello Larry
I have not had my angiogram or treatment yet so I can not say if this is a common side effect of treatment. I had a stroke in March and for me I would suddenly feel like I had to pee but did not have to go that often. That is very frequent- I think you might want to go see your doctor. I know some meds can cause frequent urination but it would be worth a trip to your reg doctor to make sure there is not something wrong with your bladder or your prostate. Also I know there are pills that you can take to control frequent urination.
Good Luck

Hey. After my Crani I had the same. For some days I had to run to the toilet very often. Even my menstruation was 8 days too early then. I thought it was the stress from the surgery and for the peeing i thought it was from the steroids i was given..coz i gained a lot of water theses days. But after some days it all turned back to normal . I didnt think it was bad at all. Before the surgery i used to have edemas in my ankles and to have too much water in my body, I think that changed.

omg - yes - talk about annoying. I used to have a bladder of steel; now, me and gravity just get me to the toilet.

It is my understanding this is Very common! I too had the same problem And I said Dr. it is NOT all in my head because urine actually comes out it is not a hallucination! My neuro docs said it is a short cicuit in the new wiring! The bladder contracts too soon, when it could truely hold more urine before it sends a signal to get to the throne! Actually, there is more space available, but the wires send an urgency sinal too soon!! The neuros taught me to time myself, and Correct my brain-- biofeedback I think its known as! For example if you just went 10 miutes ago, and drank no fluids in between, you pinch your forarm(don't draw blood!) while pinching, you say "no brain, we just went, we will wait anothger 10 minutes" With this method I have moved from every 10 minutes to a more common 2 hours between trips! Which has made for more restful nights! No One wants to make 15 trips to the toilet/ night!! Some nights I am again able to sleep through the night again with NO pinching required!!Good Luck!


Hmm did you have alot of swelling? Im sure ur doctor should have an answer, Best of wishes!!