Help with school

Hi, I am currently 19, and I’m very happy I am going to college after I had to stay home because of my AVM. I am grateful, I am cured, and all set, but now, my dream is getting shattered again. I need $4000 for school this semester and my parents nor I have a way to pay that. I really wanted to go to school and try to become someone but I don’t think I can go. I’m from Rhode Island, but my ultimate dream was to go to Barry University in Miami Shores, Fl. I know it was far, but I had wanted to go there even before I got sick during my senior year. If anyone knows of any scholarships, or things I can do, Please help me…thank you

Hi Megan,

Try your local department of Vocational Rehabilitation. Since you have this AV M history and there are some jobs that are probably not suitable for you, they could probably help with your schooling if you are going for options that are more suitable. They offer job retraining and help to further education. The education is the part you are looking for.
I believe each state has this department and they can be a great resource.
You should also apply for the federal and state grants available to all students.