Help with starting an annual walk and support group in NC

I have a son that had an AVM in 2008 that caused a stroke. When that happened we met a young girl that had the same thing a year earlier. She has since had another AVM this past March. Our families have become good friends. We just recently been informed that last Friday a 7 yr old girl is in ICU with an AVM. I am wanting to put together a support group and an annual walk/fundraiser. If anyone can offer any assistance or knowledge of making this happen it would greatly be appreciated.

Is there a certain person that we need to contact as far as the Fundraiser is concerned.

Thank you
Tammy Shadding

Ben Munoz started this site and he would probably have some good ideas.
If he is busy I know several other members who can help you!

Thank you Barbara. I am new to this website and appreciate any help that I can get.

Hi Tammy,

Great idea. I just moved to western NC recently, but I’m still a little far from you. Good luck, and let me know how I might be supportive or helpful somehow.

A lot of the members have participated in walks/fundraisers and there are some threads in the forum where you might make contact with and get some advice from them.

In the meantime, I’ll keep those little ones in my thoughts.


I’m in Knoxville ,Tn. Not that far from N.C., I do want to keep in touch. Maybe I can be of some help. I’m new at this to.

That would be great. it doesn’t matter where you live, we are all one big family now. Not many people know what we have been through with dealing with AVM’s. I look forward to keeping in touch. Have a great week.

Thank you Tori, We go to Black Mt every year with our church on a retreat. As a matter of fact we had just been there the weekend before my son had his stroke. I am hoping to form a walk/fundraiser and we can all meet. I look forward to keeping in touch. Have a great week.