does anyone know what the common behavior should be after brain surgery for AVM…Such as Rage and Anger and Haulucinations? Please let me know, my uncle had surgery last night however, the nurses seemed to be worried about his behavior.

No not for me I have had no anger management problems. Just sleeping extra heavy.

right after surgery…i had hallucination…high on drugs. im irritated with little little things…i find myself amusing too somtimes… but i think tis happens to all surgery related patients…wat did ur uncle do to make d nurses worried?

hi suzy,
i was never in such a dark place as after my surgery. it took me about two weeks before i could feel any sense of relief or joy. it was beyond depression. i can only describe it as darkness.

does enyone had lobe removal?or does enyone have emotional changes?

Hi Suzy,
I had haulucinations for two weeks after my surgery. But for me the events were real! Good luck with your Uncle, it takes time!
Sending Angel light and love…d

Hi suzy.I think that also it depends in which part of the brain the surgery was done.I had mine (4 surgeries) in the right temporal lobe.I cannot really remember a ot of thinks i was almost in a coma if not almost i was half dead.Sorry for my bad english.

Hi Suzy, after mine I was mostly just tired and sleepy for weeks and weeks after, I think everyone is diff, not much help, sorry.Amanda

Hi guys, thank you for all your kind words. Luckily my uncle is doing better! He can no longer read but his anger and hallucinations are coming to an end; thank god! He also is on dialysis for diabetes three times a week so he is exhausted not only from the surgery but also from the dialysis. His memory is slowly coming back and he can not find the words to describe the horror that he went through emotionally. But all seems to be getting better:)
Thanks again