Helping vs. Meddling

Just a little rant! If only my family understood that sometimes thier form of 'helping' more closely resembles what I consider "meddeling'...I do Not need a guardian to oversee my trip to the beauty salon! I'll admit my Post-Crainiotomy hairstyle is a little (lot) peculiar! Note* Neurosurgeons not taking classes at Beauty school as part of cirriculum!!! I am learning to adjust to my perky short hairstyle, but it does Not have a large following will grow back and eventually you won't even see the scares. Keep growing it longer and soon you will have the same hair style you used to have! Keep the Faith!

Hi, Nicole! I never had a crainiotomy, but my hair fell out for no definite reason (all the emotional and physical trauma, I say) back in 2008/2009. I grew to love my perky short style and only recently let it grow out to a medium-long length. A layered cut, a.k.a. a "shag", is a great way to painlessly transition from short to mid-length to long. Meanwhile, have fun with your short 'do. If you aren't doing it already, buy hair products to go for an edgy, spiky rocker girl look on occasion while you can! Find some music by the singer, Pink, and crank it up. Embrace the short hair. Rock on!

Hey Nicole. You rant all you want. Family gives love and support but sometimes it comes with a price. I'm just saying... :) Hang in there. You and I know they do it out of love. Drives you crazy sometimes, I know. Especially the treating you like a kid part. Rant anytime. Sometimes that's all we can do. And we'll always listen. :) Hope you're feeling well.