Hernia Surgery: 29th April

Finally, after 2 years, my inguinal hernia will be next week. 29th April. The hernia was made in my 3rd spinal angio embolism. The doc pressed so deep and hard to find or stop the arterie.... So no problem. Had 5 spinal angios, so hope, pray, never spinal angio in the future again.

Will be a open surgery with GA. Cause I am on warfarin (because of the DVT and pulmonary embolism). But bridging from warfarin to heparin injection works fine.

Will stop warfarin 5 days before the surgery, switching to heparin injections. The day before surgery stop heparin. Then surgery - waking up everything is ok, and the next day again heparin. then after 3 days back to my old friend warfarin.

So my plan is:

1) 8.00 clock check in

2) Booked a single room with phone, tv and balcony

3) Sleeping during the surgery, will have good dreams of vacations in tahiti or australia. Or dream: I'll save 100 Brazilian samba dancers from burning house and they are very thankful for that.

4) Waking up after 1 hour. Smiling.

5) Going on the balcony on afternoon, waiting for family and friends

6) Playing the big hero (pain? who cares.... and so on - the standard phrases you know)

7) OMG making the bowel management in the evening (hope family and friends left the room then..... cause can imagine real pain)

8) Evening looking football, dinner

9) Good sleep

10) Repeating 5-9 for two days

11) Going home and playing the hero for three weeks again

Good plan? Perfect plan :-)

This is my real hero, he makes the surgery:


Think of me please - I AM NOT A HERO


We'll be thinking of you, Michael. I hope all goes smoothly.

Hello Michael I hope you are well best of luck for the surgery I will be thinking of you take care

Dear friends,

surgery yesterday cancelled. I was in hospital, they shaved the complete area, get my "happy calm" medics. The sexy sugery dress. Was really happy, switched to fight modus. But then: The surgeon get injuried. Surgery cancelled. New termin: 17. juny.

Best wishes,