Hi everyone

Just recently had another embolization on January 25. This was suppose 2 be in preparation for the Resection of the AVM. Well the procedure did Ok it was afterwards that blew my mind. I woke up headaches for days and I lost mobility 2 my left forearm/hand&fingers. Crazy right. I was HEATED!! I was in ICU for a week and couldn’t back 2 work 4 like 2 months. Just went back in April but let me back up. It took me 2 rounds of Occupational Therapy 2 Help with my coordination and everything. I’m still having problems with my hand but I’m good. God brought me out alive again so NO WORRIES! Any further procedures I don’t know. I continue 2 have seizures in my left arm/hand with headaches so on just trying 2 control those right now. Anyway if I can help anyone let me know.


Hi Kim.... going for my embo on May 31st and resection on June 7th.... keep the faith... hopefully in time you will be completely healed.... blessings :)

Yikes…that does not sound like fun at all. I will be praying for you!!!