Hole in my head

this is more for people who have had surgery and recovered, I still have a massive hole in the back of my head with swelling / lumps underneath its been 5 months since my surgery and I am wondering if the skull will regrow over the hole and if the solid lumps which were fluid under will go away? what I don't get is they cut a square out of the back of my head but the hole is roundish 2cm x 5cm

I don't get it. Did they leave open on purpose? Or do you mean that it's where the drain was, or the original incision was made? I know sometimes they leave it open for swelling. One Dr told me something about putting skull pieces in your stomach, but I really can't remember what he was talking about or why LOL Where my drain was, there is a deep dip in my skull that felt sort of like a hole at first but now it just feels deeper than the rest of the incision. Maybe the solid lumps is just scar tissue? How do you know there's fluid under it? Scar tissue can feel squishy, like pockets of fluid. How big is the square compared to the circle? I have similar questions about my own surgery. I try to map it out, where the skin flap is and how was my skull removed underneath? I'll probably never know. Have you seen your Dr. for any follow-ups yet?

Hi Kristi its deffo not where the drain was that was at the front of my head and i can feel the little indent where it was, this is a much bigger hole sort of oval shape about 4 or 5 cm and where they took the skull flap out but the flap is a square and this is deffo an oval I know they said I coded after they glued the skull flap back so may have made the hole after that ( if that makes any sense) It may have been left for swelling not thought of that, I did see my neuro about the swelling and he said it was fluid cos it was all squishy most of it has disappeared but im left with hard lumps i was thinking it may have been blood that has now clotted and hardened but then im thinking it should have disappeared with the other fluid. I have lots and lots of follow ups so will ask them next time, i keep meaning to ask but i always forget lol

Hi whispers,
The "hole" or "little indent" is probably what they call a burr hole the surgeon makes to allow him/her to cut the bone flap needed to proceed w/surgery. But your surgeon or neuologist can best address your concerns.
To my knowledge, the "holes" don't grow over.
Best wishes.

Hi patti thanks for your reply but it is defiantly not a burr hole they are much smaller than the hole i am left with I can feel the burr hole at the front of my head and its now an indent but feels hard underneath this hole is much larger and if I press it ( like when i am washing my hair) it makes me twitch and is still very squishy. I would have thought with such a large hole they would have put something there to cover it, I cant lie on a hard surface without the swelling pushing against the hole and it makes me twitch like crazy its not a little indent like the others its a massive hole and im worried because if I fall backwards and hit my head on something it could go straight into my brain. I have written it down to ask my surgeon but I don't know what they could do apart from put a plate on it.

Please let us know what you find out.

Hi whispers,
had neurosurgery in 2005, still have some pain when i touch the scar area-
some was sealed with platinum and some is just open but covered,
it will get much better but takes a while...hang in there!