Home a week

Hello, just thought I’d send a blog re recovery. Am still of course very much like a patchwork doll but slowly things are settling down. It was a shame I had a further 5 hours of surgery before I left Little Rock. 17 hours, that’s rather a lot! Anyway still in touch with Doc Suen with pictures and emails as skin flap down side of nose doesn’t look great. The other 100 or so stitches seem fine! So trying to stay calm about it and seeing a plastic surgeon here (okay’d by guru Doc Suen) just to check everything and see if any more sutures are needed. Apparently avmers always take a while to heal. My thigh is getting better where tissue and so on was taken from. So look forward to getting out one of these fine days. Touch wood, no more bleeds. So I’m building up my stamina again. Despite it all I feel great in many ways. Not least because my treatment has commenced by the loveliest man in the world!! Thanks for listening. Louise xx
Ps good luck to Lolo and Janey with their surgeries xx

Hi Louise and thanks for the update. I was amused by your patchwork doll comparison and I commend you for writing that you "feel great in many ways." I have read many positive comments about Dr. Suen so good for for knowing your care is in the best of hands. Please maintain your positive attitude and your recovery will continue to be outstanding!

Thank you, I’m lucky I’ve always been pretty positive about most things, that and my daft sense of humour seeing me through nicely! I keep being told I’m amazing how I’m coping but really I’m just getting on with it. I can’t wait for my face to start healing more. That’s one fault though, impatience! A nuisance with something like this.

Good to hear your update, Lou, and wishing you speedy healing.

Ahh you give me such strength and you are the sweetest!! I have some major butterflies today, and certainly looking forward to life post AVM surgery. I know if i want a shot at nipping it, its better now than later, so thats what i have to remember. I just don’t want to rock the boat and pray the team can get it all easily tomorrow. Will be in touch!

They will, I’m sure. It will all be over in the blink of an eye. Thoughts with you tomorrow. Lou xx