Home from hospital following crani

hi i am finally home with my beautiful kids following my craniotomy to remove my AVM on feb 23rd....
just got my hair cut today as i was left with two giant dreadlocks and it couldn't be saved... the damage was too great
pain is under control and aside from feeling vague and confused, i am doing ok..... my vision has been further affected by the surgery, meaning my right-side peripheries are almost non-existant and i am trying hard to adjust.... typing on here is pretty difficult, lots of mistakes
has anyone else found that their vision has healed over time? that is my main concern now....

thanks for your support through this guys, the info and experiance has really helped me feel not alone :)

Welcome Home Claire!! How wonderful that it went so well. My peripherial on the right side was affected for quite a few months, however, it’s back to normal now. I had 10mths of rehab which helped, however, mine was very different and I am so very happy that you are so good. Time and exercise will fix it I’m sure. Many of us have had the same after surgery,so I know how you fell. Take care and best wishes…keep us posted…we love sucessful stories. Thoughts and prayers with you and you family, Lesley.

Claire, first congrats on being AVM free! That's the most important thing right now!

I had to have my head completely shaved (yes, bald!) as I would roll my head around until it was so tangled and matted that it could not be fixed. Scarves were my best friend.

I too lost vision, however on my left side. I wish I could tell you that has improved, but it's been three years and it hasn't. Don't be discouraged, please! We are all different and our injuries are different and our recoveries will be different as well! Don't give up and continue healing yourself.

Whatever you get back you will figure out a way to deal with. We have no other choice and it sure beats some of the alternatives!

Good luck in your continued recovery.

Claire, WELCOME HOME!!! :slight_smile: I’m glad you are recovering well. I’ll keep you in my prayers.

Claire, It is so great to hear from you! I'm glad to hear you're back home with your kids; they usually are better than a dose of medicine. I'm having my craniotomy next Thursday, Mar 10 (embo is Mar 8). My dr has given me an excellent prognosis, but he did warn me to expect I would have right side weakness and right eye visual problems for a while. He believes it will only be temporary, but, of course, they can't definitely give you a specific time of healing. I'm glad that he did warn me, though, since it would be frightening to wake up that way with no knowledge before hand. I can only believe that God is still in control, and whatever my journey is to be, He will never leave me to handle it alone. My prayers are with you, and I have faith that God has His arms wrapped 'round you tightly right now. Just keep looking up, and keep a positive attitude. When all else fails, just hug your kids. There love will bounce you back every time!

Congratulations on your milestone, and God Bless you and yours in the days to come! In Christian Love, MSG

CONGRATULATIONS!!! My peripheral vision was effected a bit as well and it did get better. Not perfect like it was before, but better than it was a few months after surgery. I hope you have the same experience. Now on to a quick safe recovery! Take care of you!

Welcome home Claire & congratulations on having surgery behind you!!!

After my last and deep surgery, I experienced double-vision that has improved some with time.

Get LOTS & LOTS of rest and enjoy your precious family.

Take care,


Welcome home !! Happy to hear everything went good. Here is to a fast recovery at home. Get lots of rest. And keep us posted. you will be in are prayers! Tonna

Claire its good to hear your doing fine post op and I bet your happy to be over and done with that procedure. Now is that a big AVM free I hear? Yay, I cant speak for the vision but I’m sure you will be feeling better and better as the days - weeks go by, Good for you.