Hot flashes with seizures

Does anybody else have the de ja vu and hot flash feelings associated with seizures?? I have a gut feeling and know they are comin on and then i get extremely hot and sick to my stomach from my body overheatin so much… This is all after I had my avm removed… Just curious if anybody else has these same feelings…

Hi Michelle,

Those could be a type of seizure in themselves. You can look up “partial seizures” on the Epilepsy Foundation’s web site. It’s worth mentioning to the doctor, because these sound really uncomfortable, and it’s likely that if they are seizures, you can control them with anti-seizure meds. (If you already take one, it might not be the right kind for this type of seizure; the new meds keep getting more and more specific and targeted.) There’s also some research suggesting that seizures lead to more seizures, so controlling them earlier rather than later is often best.

If it turns out they are seizures, you’ll want to see an epileptologist–a neurologist who specializes in epilepsy. They keep up to date on seizure research and new seizure meds, so they will care for your seizures much better than any other kind of neurologist could.

I hope these improve!

Yes…michelle. I do. And I had radiation on an avm.

I would definitely get it checked out if you haven’t done so already… God bless!

I am had an AVM removed 6 years ago and have been having the same thing. Very stressful. Sorry to hear you are going through this as well.