How does the AVM in my uterus affect my pregnancy?

Hi ladies, I’ve recently miscarried. The doctors said it was a missed miscarriage and can’t give me a reason why. Also, my doctors have no experience with AVM in the Uterus. I knew it was there before getting pregnant for the 2nd time because it was discovered the first time around after I had a D&C due to termination.

I’m ready and wanting a baby now and am just wondering about others experiences with AVM in the uterus. All of the stories. Miscarriages, healthy pregnancies, birth stories. Anything…
As you know… Info online is limited.

Thank you in advance,

Hi Krista,

Sorry to hear your story. Indeed there’s not a lot of info out there about uterine AVMs but there are a growing number of us on this forum. We all had a hard time finding the right doctor who understands what’s going on but I would say that is step number 1. I don’t know how bad your AVM is but you should really think about having that resolved before getting pregnant. A few weeks after an emergency c-section for the birth of my first, I was hemorrhaging every few weeks, had too many hospital stays with medical staff clueless as to what to do, 3 blood transfusions in the course of 4 months etc… spent countless hours researching and calling doctors to get appointments (they all have long wait lists given how specialized they are). Finally stumbled onto the right one and was finally able to get it resolved. I did the embolization, although with no guarantee of retaining my fertility. But I had an uneventful pregnancy about 1.5 years later and gave birth to a healthy baby girl. So hang in there, find the right doctor and take care of you first… there are a number of us with successful pregnancy stories if that helps keep the hope alive in the meantime. I did the procedure at Johns Hopkins and I see they now have a page dedicated to this (it’s a procedure regularly done for fibroids actually… it seemed like a much better option than the hysterectomy that many doctors were advising me): Hope that helps.

Wishing you all the best.

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Hi Marie-Claire,
Thank you so much for your response. I also had the Uterine Embolization procedure in 2018. I guess my question now Is: do I need to have it done again before I try to conceive. Does the size of it matter. My last ultrasound revealed one or two small AVM’s. Although the doctor I was working with in the hospital had no experience with them.
I’ve found another OB/Gyno that has experience with AVM in the uterus and am waiting for a phone appointment.
Are there any questions you can think of that I should be asking?
Thanks again!