How frequently do more AVMs occur?

Can you please share your experience with multiple AVMs.
After having one removed, have you gotten another one?
Do you think it is really a new one or just that it wasn’t fully removed?

My sister has one more, not serious, but keeping an eye for the possiblity of an AVM.

I’ve never read of one “growing back”, but maybe something happens. I know that when you fix (shut off) the flow of blood into one AVM, it can increase the blood pressure in other parts of the brain. Wife had an aneurysm show up after embolization #3. My guess is the increased pressure made the aneurysm present on scans.

One of the issues of AVMs is that the blood vessel walls are not as tough. Sort of like a normal vessel is a 6 ply tire, and an AVM is a 2 ply tire. Not as strong. So when the blood pressure increase, the vessel walls can stretch, causing neuro issues, or worse, rupture, causing a bleed.

Hope this helps.
ron, ks