How much

…do you pay for medicine in one year.
In Germany I’ve to pay 1% from income, because of the disability and of course
the premiums for health insurance.
you must apply for each year again, with mountains of evidence.

how does it work in your country?

Here in the US, insurance coverages & premium prices depend on your employer. Different places of business have offer different things.

In the school district where I taught in California, our teacher’s union had negotiated that the district paid all of the premiums for the teachers, their spouses, and dependent children. I only paid co-pays. I paid a few dollars each time I went to the doctor & $10 for each prescription med each month.

Here, I have to pay premiums for me and my husband. Prices depend on how much coverage we want. Insurance does not pay for everything. In the past 6 months, I have had 2 ER visits, a CT, MRI, angiogram, Gamma Knife Radiation, and a craniotomy for aneuryisms. I have paid several thousand dollars so far. But, without insurance, it would have been more than $100,00.

My husband is self-employed. He runs his own small company with only 4 other employees (one is only part-time). He does not provide inurance. His medical insurance is through my insurance at school; his employees have to be self-insured.