How old were you when your avm was detected?

I was 30 yrs old and had NEVER had any symptoms until i had some headaches from the gym and decided to get a CT out of precaution...changed my life forever..God bless

Jpico99, I was 44 years old, with no prior symptoms at all. My brain hemmoraged and I had a stroke. Despite the deficits it left me, I feel very fortunate to be here. I’m still smelling the roses, instead of pushing up daisies! :slight_smile:

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You have asked an interesting question and I will be checking the replies too. I was 53 when my AVM burst causing a brain aneurysm and a hemorrhagic stroke so I was older when compared to the average age range for AVM burst.

I was 57.

27. Looking back, I think I had a couple of symptoms: two episodes of dystonia, one possible seizure episode, dyscalculia from forever. The dyscalculia was always blamed on my "not applying myself".

21… and in hindsight, I had a lot of symptoms before my rupture too!

Two days before my 38th birthday. Had a grand mal siezure at work. Scared the crap out of my co-workers. Turned blue the whole nine yards. Had been having severe headaches for at least a year. I had also had what my mother referred to as "sick headaches". I would throw up after I had one of those. Haven't had a rupture though. Now I have seizures.

Í was 26. I knew about AVM since I was 7. Had first stroke when I was 26.

I was 14 in 1987 when a CT scan revealed a 'birthmark' on my brain. At Age 27 it was confirmed that it was an AVM. It is unruptured and maybe I wouldn't know about it now if it hadn't caused Hydrocephalus requiring the insertion of a Shunt.

I was 13, worst day of my life :( 2006

I was 55 when it was correctly diagnosed. I bled in 1975 at age 19 and was told it was a berry aneurysm, a fluke, not likely to ever happen again. I had some odd, sporadic, symptoms between 1998 (when my family MD ordered a CT, and all they saw was scar tissue??? What they saw was an AVM!!!) and 2010 when they escalated enough to send me to the ER. CTA 1/11 detected an AVM right where the aneurysm supposedly occurred. Was told then that I never had an aneurysm. It was AVM all along.

21 years old.

I was 28 and six months pregnant. No prior symptoms.

Bled in l977.

38: my bleed happened in July 2008.

I was 31 when my AVM bled on June 10th 2002. I had been having migraine headaches that were getting progressively worse. I was getting ready to make an appointment to with my doctor about them. I haven't had a migraine since my brain surgery. :)

I was 26 when my AVM was found. I spent 2-3 weeks thinking what I had was a terrible migraine, but as it turns out, it was an AVM Bleed discovered through a CT Scan and an MRI while at the hospital.
I've noticed that I've had some odd symptoms before my rupture, but I didn't pay attention to them because I was just affected intellectually (memory lapses, trouble speaking in a way that makes sense, and trouble understanding, things I had not experienced before), yet I felt fine physically.

I was 20. Discovered after an sudden, extreme headache did not go away for two days. No prior symptoms. Completely cured. Stay tough

16, last year. When i realised it, it had already ruptured and i felt weakness on my left side. it was horrible.

    1. Terrible migraine like headache for 3-4 days until I finally went to hospital. It had ruptured and I had a stroke. Fortunately, my husband was with me telling triage nurse that I hadn’t been making sense. I apparently was just requesting pain and nausea shot. Thank God they listened to h&m.