How to get my knee to start back flexing properly during the walking process?

I can walk and balance myself without a cane. However, my knee is still not flexing to its full extent. I still can not walk up stairs or sit down and get up . Is it any one out there in the avm community that can offer me any suggestions?

Hi Damishia,

I see you've had physical therapy. If your knee problem is due to muscle tightness or spasticity, have you tried Baclofen yet?

My left-side is also numb, have also had PT and relearned to walk using a cane post-op of thalamic surgery 3/9/10. Am currently trying Baclofen for left-sided muscle tightness and am hoping it will help.

Amazing, we have the same last names!!

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I’ve tried baclophen. However, I’m allergic to it. When I was taking it, it didn’t help much.