I was never diagnosed with an avm, I am 62 years old. In June 2016 I developed a severe headache as well as blurred vision. the first visit to emergency sent me home with pain medication. 12 hours later I was in the hospital, had a hemmorrhagic stroke due to avm. Craniotomy was performed to relieve pressure, drain blood/fluid. I was put into and induced coma for 2 weeks. all paperwork from surgery refers to an avm as the cause, as well as doctor describing pulling out a "clump of veins, from the right parietal lobe.
I am 7 months post surgery. Very lucky to be walking and talking! I feel good, energy levels are good, no headaches. Some vision issues, which may or may not resolve. At this point, they probably will not, but I still feel fortunate.

At this point, I feel quite frustrated with all the follow up tests the doctor is requesting. I had several CT scans / MRI’s while still in hospital, and reports say nofurther evidence of aneurysm or vascular malformation. I have since had 2 brain MRI’s and 1 MR angiogram. My Neurosurgeon is still not satisfied, and wants me to have a “regular” cerebral angiogram with the catheter. after all of the CT cans (4), and abdomen/chest xrays (8), I am concerned about more radiation and certainly want to limit further exposure when possible. Not understanding why the MR angiogram was not suffiecient (he says report is inconclusive (?). I just feel at this point, what are they looking for, didn’t you repair the damage? And I feel sog good. He just keeps saying, you did not have a “normal” stroke, we need to find out why. so now, instead of feeling great, I feel like a ticking time bomb!

would be interested to know, anyone who suffered a stroke from an AVM rupture and had brain surgery to repair it: what has been your follow up afterwards?

So glad to find this site!

CT and MRI with contrast/MRA and a final angiogram to confirm successful resection of the AVM.

Hi Arigato, Welcome :slight_smile: , Your story reads very well, Thanks for sharing it, It sound from what you have described that you had your bleed and had the AVM removed all in one go, Does this mean you’ve been given the all clear already ?, The fact your feeling great apart from the sight issues is fantastic !. 62 years old and plenty more to come by the sounds of things !,

I myself had a similar start on my AVM journey in that I drove home from work feeling sick and had a headache when I got home I vomited and thought I’d go for a sleep to rest, My wife found me on the bathroom floor and got me to hospital quick, Emergency Craniotomy but unlike you I was left with my AVM !, I went back 7 months later and had another craniotomy to remove the “Clump of veins” (Nidus) and since then I have been like you feeling fine except headaches which have been since my bleed.