Hundreds of AVMS

my son Nathan who is currently 4 months has “hundreds” of AVMS. are there anyone else out there who have more than a couple?
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I’m not sure how many Brad had sweetie, I just know it was on one side of his head…I have to say, I’ve never heard of that many, but someone else I promise will comment back…May I ask your name…

Hi , Nathans mom, I know of people with two avms, I have one on my left side of of brain, I didnt know you could have many, Let me know what you find out,ok .Caroline

Hi Nathans Mom
I am so sorry to hear this, what are the doctors saying about treatment for him

Well I noe someone in my neighborhood who had 3 with one taken out already. i had onli one. Never heard of hundreds…sound surreal. boy i miss Liam…he sure will b first to comment.

Im hope things are getting better Nathan’s momma

Are they all in his brain or through out his body? I know Sean has multiple ones but unsure of how many.

they are all in his brain

I have ‘hundreds’ also, but not in my brain.

Sean. Hundreds? wow…tis is my second time…