Hurricane Irene & AVM symptoms...related?

Hi all! So for the last few months I have been feeling great! No major issues or headaches. But yesterday as the hurricane approached the New England area where I live, I began to get an excruciating headache that seemed to be at it’s worse around the time the hurricane was closest. Now I can easily state that this wasn’t stress related as I really was no in any way worried about the storm. I do wonder now however if there was a correlation between the weather (low barometric pressure) and my AVM. Any thoughts?

I lived on Guam for 2 years & we had several typhoons (including 2 supertyphoons) while we were there, and 1 small tropical storm + Hurricane Ike since I moved to the Texas Gulf Coast 4 years ago. I did end up with a migraine during the tropical storm that didn’t really do much, but can’t remember having one with the others. Normally, though, I do tend to get headaches/migraines with changes in the weather. The May haze & June gloom in Southern California gave me mild to full-blown migraines.

Hi Keith. I didn’t get a headache, but I definitely felt odd during the hurricane. I always do in a storm. For me it’s usually that I’m more dizzy than usual and my scar from my crani. tingles and itches. Doctors don’t believe me, but I think a lot of us can relate!

Hey Brian and Trish,

I hope you (and our other east coast, US members) were able to weather Irene without too many problems - losing power, etc.

I’ll be moving to NC next month, but I’ll be living in the western part of the state, so fortunately I’ll be able to avoid future hurricanes and tropical storms.

Brian, hope your headache is gone now.

Tori, I’m in NC, central part of the state, near Raleigh. Western NC is lovely, good luck with your move.

I bet that the low barometric pressure thing could be right on. Kinda like how people cant be in the heat or sunlight. I think the smallest things effect us now. I was in lower eastern Ny, in the catskill mountains for the storm and I kept feeling like I couldnt breath. Then again I do have an anxiety disorder so for me it was most likely that.

Tori from my experiences the weather has a big impact on my headaches. When the seasons change I can always on my head to act up. A storm or change in barometric pressure is sure to send my head spinning.
Hope Irene wasent to bad for you.
God bless, Pamela

Thanks everyone for your replies. The severity of the headache has definitely subsided. Now its back to these strange headaches that are intense but last three seconds and then they are gone. Strange right?

No not at all strange but im glad your feeling better . take care and God bless Pamela

Hey Keith, just wanted you to know your not alone with the mini headaches you get. I get them all the time and my doctor said its nerve pain. sometimes its shooting pain, other times its a throbbing and its there for a few seconds to a minute then gone. I had my neck cut open along with my head so my mini headaches are positional. When I turn my head sometimes the cut muscles or scar tissue push on cranial nerves an you get a strange pain in your head. Before you can even think of taking something for it the pain is gone. Flexeril work well for me with my neck muscles. The looser they are the less strange pains I get.

Irene gave me a major headache but I think that was more due to the over $2000 worth of damage she did to my car :frowning: … I get much worse headaches any time in rain…didnt seem any worse from the hurricane than it is from any rainy weather