Hypotnia and AVMS

Hi everyone! Nathan is considered “hypotonic” meaning he has low muscle tone. He’s now 9 months old and still doesn’t sit up on his own. He does attend PT 2x a week and OT 1x a week. I was wondering if anyone here was diagnosed as a baby or adult with hypotonia and how are you/ they doing now


Hi Jaimee,I hope Nathan will grow to be a happy,strong little boy!! I love his smile!!! I do not know anything about this condition,but wanted to write anyways…I hope someone will be able to give you some imput on this condition,it is always nice to talk to others that are familar with it.
Take care and blessings to you!!! Pat

Hi until the age of about 2 luke alos had hyptonia due to the part of the brain that the avm is affecting, as he has gotten older with a lot of physio his strength has improved but not to that of someone his own age. Now he has hyptonia and dystonia this is where some of his muscles contract and remain tight. I think of and so do the doctors here as luke having a form of cerebal palsy, i think you would finid it help to contact a cerebal palsy centre or go on line for more informaiton as lots of parents there have children and babies with hypotina. I hope this has been helpful.