I am so excited!

This morning I woke with a new excitment in my heart. A new focus that was not about me but others. I am back! I have spent my life making others feel beautiful inside and out and in return it has filled my life with joy at the thought I could do that for others. Lately they have tired so desparately to give to it me and I have been overwhelmed. I have felt very out of control. This morning however was different. I had a dream and that dream has given me new focus and purpose. The AVM awareness group and it's outreaching potential here with my surgeouns help will make a tremendous impact on the AVM community. I will make a difference! I can make a difference! I must make a difference! I was given a gift the day I fell and as with any gift I have ever been given I will not minimize it and discard it.

I wish you could see the smile on my face!!! You go Lori!!! With this attitude you will make a difference! Please keep us updated about the awareness group and if there is anything that can be done to help.

Thank you so much for sharing this with everyone Lori :slight_smile:

Hi Lori,
I am so excited for you. It’s wonderful that you are feeling great and have that drive to make a difference. I look forward to your updates about your recovery and your awareness group.

I’ve just started a group on this website for AVM survivors based in the Mid-Atlantic. I’ve noticed that you live in Virginia. Why don’t you join us? We’d love to have you, andyour excitedment and insight will be a great contribution to us.

Best wishes, Leslye