I am taking steroids and stay hungry.. any ideas? :-((

Does anyone know if the weight-gain(wanting food) stops before you get off steroids, or if its only when you quit taking them? I have tried to watch myself and what I eat, but it is harder than I thought it would be. Does anyone have any suggestions? If I am on these for a long time, then I am really worried! :-S
I thought I wouldn’t want food as badly when my doctor lowered my dose of steroids, but I was wrong. :frowning: I’ve heard when you get off the steroids, the pounds start coming off as well. Any insight would be great, Thanks!

BTW- I was taking, Dexamethasone- 4mg/day and now its down to 2mg/day.

Mom is on steroids for Rheumatoid Arthritis since 2000. She says that nothing can be done about the increased appetite and corresponding weight gain. Some of the hunger can be controlled with discipline they say (ya right…lol) but my best advice is to take as little dosage as possible but I’m not a doctor and it’s always wise to listen to their advice when it comes to your health. Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful and best of luck to you!

I put on 2st with steroids, i think its something we have to work on after we stop taking them, i have had 5 lots of treatment and Everytime they have put me on them, it also does not help i have to eat 4 times a day with medication, but don’t panic a bit of self discipline when your treatment is over and you can loose all the extra, the last treatment i had i stopped taking the steroids and found myself very weak and feeling alot worse to the point i was thinking of going back within 48hrs i was feeling much better when back on them, they seem to be a great need for the recovery, Wish you all the luck,