I give up!

Well my latest date for my angiogram came and went, I phoned about a bed and same again, no bed. This time the answer seemed to be the normal thing people were being told, in fact there were another 2 angiograms cancelled the same day, like that made me feel better, no just more angry!
When I asked for a new date, should be August! Then that will be cancelled! It is obvious to me the problem is scheduling and bed management, surely it is not too difficult to arrange? somebody needs to be fired. One excuse given is patients cannot be moved from the Nuero ward because the next ward is full and so on, called here in the UK as “bed blocking” then this carries on till some patients cannot be discharged from the hospital becase there are no care homes for them to go to, but this is not my problem!
I had a meeting with my MP the week before and he has had a lot of complaints about the same thing, he said he would do all he could?
So now I don’t know where to turn to, I have written to the hospital again but I can’t see that doing any good, I have requested a face to face meeting with the Radiology Manager.
Maybe the only way I will get it done is to bring on a seizure and get myself admitted and refuse to leave till I get my angiogram?
I don’t think they realise how stressful it is for us to have to wait to know what our treatment will be and how long it will take.
I can’t see an end to this.


I so know how you feel just keep on hassling people it works I waited nearly a year for treatment and ggrrrrrr I was so annoyed!

I have given up on the Angiogram for now and I am thinking of having an MRI privately, cost around £250, this should show me something? I think it is worth the expense to know I am getting somewhere and maybe this will help me?
My dog is having MRI today suspected growth in stomach, cost £1200, lucky we have insurance.