I need a new neurologist

I live in New Jersey. Willing to travel throughout the state. My neurologist who treated me during my two brain bleeds retired and I would like to know if any of you could suggest a good doctor. Thanks!

I'm willing to take what I know and that's Mr. Singer from Vanderbilt. It's in Nashville, TN. It's not within range for you I know but he's one that I would recommend. I had my surgery last May and he really done it good. He's like one of the top guys in the field. I'd recommend him and all.

I'm seeing Dr robert Solomon and Dr philp Meyers over at columbia preysbertian...nyc

Dr Veznederoglu in Hamilton, New Jersey. Graet doctor, He coiled my ruptured aneurysm and embolized my AVM. Happy to say AVM is stable and I am still under the watchful eye of one of nicest doctors I have ever met. Good Luck!

I just recently saw Dr. L. Dade Lunsford at UPMC Presbyterian Hospital in Pittsburgh PA. I was referred to him by a Neurosurgeon at U-Penn. I looked him up online and was very impressed with his list of credentials. He was the first to bring the Gamma Knife to the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, the first center in the USA to offer Gamma Knife. Here is the website: http://www.neurosurgery.pitt.edu/faculty/lunsford.html
I went to see him last week for the first time. I was very impressed with the time that both he and his P.A. spent with me. Everything was thoroughly explained and well organized; not to mention how nice everyone was. As a matter of fact, when I went to see the nurse in the Gamma area to sign forms, etc....I was asked how I was able to get Dr. Lunsford. I was told by this nurse that he is one of the best, if not the best in the USA.
I hope this helps you. :-)

I can recommend Dr. Lunsford of Presbyterian Hospital in Pittsburgh, PA. He has been treating my daughter for 13+yrs now. Good Luck !

Bev, we must live not too far away from one another! I live a couple hours north of Pittsburgh. Yes, I really liked him and his staff! Thanks for the post; it's reassuring for me!

Hi Emily I don't know what part of Jersey you live in,I'm from Philadelphia and I go to Jefferson Hospital.My doctor is AMAZING his name is Dr Robert Rosenwasser he is one of the best (look him up)You can call 1-800-JEFF-NOW or 215-■■■■■■■■ I hope your doing well good luck with your search

Hi, Being in NJ the travel might be far but our well published Doctor is known to be very good. He treated my wife and works at one of the worlds best hospital. ( St Joseph Barrows Hospital in Phoenix. Dr. Nakaji.

I'm not sure where in Jersey you live, but if you are willing to go to NYC, Dr. Alex Schick is my neurologist. He is FANTASTIC!!! He is very knowledgeable and he is a caring neurologist (hes not only in it for the paycheck..) he is thorough and kind to all of his patients. He is located on 3rd avenue and 20th street, so he is easily accessible both with public transit, and cars... good luck!

Hi Emily, I am from Chester County, PA. I initially went to Brandywine Emergency Hospital on January7, 2012 they sent me to Thomas Jefferson Neuroscience. I has surgery on January 13, 2012 sent home January 17, 2012. I had three surgeons, Dr. Gonzalez, Dr. Judy and Dr. (sorry can't remember the third Dr.'s name) but they were fantastic. I get and MRI on 2/29/12 and see Dr. Gonzalez for my follow up visit. Best of luck

I see Dr Lucienne Reid-Duncan in Egg Harbor Township, NJ for neurology. She's wonderful and her bedside manner is great too. She's out of Atlantic Care group. My Neurosurgeon, Dr Ciro Randazzo, is even better yet and he works out of Atlantic City Medical Center, City division and is affiliated with Jefferson. They are both great. They tell me what they're doing and why and also give me options before they do anything. If you would like more info on them please let me know!

Whatever you do, stay out of Philadelphia. If you have to go to Philadelphia, go to the University of Pennsylvania. I was at Jefferson, and they ruined my life. The lie to me, and did not care. The care that I receive was horrible at last. They did not care. Go to Arizona, and headed the Barrow Institute

RobinsonClan, We are sad to hear that you had two bleeds. My wife had her bleed last year April. Could you tell me where was your second bleed and what contributed to it? Did it occur within a year? We have so many questions and my wife is so terrified of having another bleed.
Was there any symptoms to the second one? We sorry for the questions. We pray you will be okay.

My wife has a 4mm AVM left brain. She had a Gamma Knife treatment at Barrows,AZ. They are one of the world best in this type of procedures. Our Doctor is Dr. Nakaji who well published.

I have been lucky enough to never have had a bleed. I think you might have been replying to someone else. Sorry for the confusion! And I'm very sorry that you've had a bleed, I am so terrified that I'll have one as I still have my aneurysm and AVM. I had Gamma knife treatment as well and it has already started working. I'm very lucky. I've had amazing care and wonderful doctors and hospital care. Please, if you have any questions for me never hesitate to ask but I'm not sure you're directing them at the right person because I don't feel that I have the right answers. Let me know if you have any other questions.

I highly recommend Dr A. Berenstein, of Roosevelt Beth Israel Hospital in NYC. He is the head of the endovascular dept, top of the line staff and methods, years of experience, and most importantly a sweet demeanor with a great bedside manner. Works with pediatrics and adults. He saved my life, as he has done and G-d willing will continue doing with many more lives to come. Please feel free to contact me for more info... below is just one link about him...:


I too saw Dr Lunsford. Had my Gamma Knife on 1/22/13. His staff is great. I too was told great things about him from his staff and from my research online. He took time to answer all my questions and my surgery went as expected. I highly recommend him too!

They were able to use radiation on an avm of 4 cm? Mine is 3.8 cm and they want to embolize first which scares. I thought about Barrows but usually only hear about surgery not radiation.