I need some advice

I have been having problems most of my life.For the last 2years now,Ive been told,Ive been having episodes of stroke.First the doctors thought they were coming from my heart,even though I have a hole in my heart,the doctors say no.Now,I have blockages in my neck,at 69left and 59 right,wont do anything until it hits 75.What I need advice on how do I know if the avm ruptures in my brain and its not the blockages?Its seems like I have a double whammy of having strokes.

I am not well versed in ruptured AVMs, but from my reading, almost all bleeds are accompanied with intense pain and/or very pronounced symptoms, such as would be displayed in a massive stroke. I have read where a few people are told after the fact that their AVM has bled, but I believe it's more rare to have a bleed and not know it. Only if you have scans will you know if the avm is/has bled.

Hope this helps.
Ron, KS

Barbara, when my avm bled i had a sudden excruciatingly painful headache which felt like my head was going to explode, i was also nauseas, once i had gotten to the toilet to throw up i passed out straight after. Believe me you will know when it bleeds, and i hope for your sake it doesnt.

Hi Barbara,
I can only offer my own experience. When mine AVM ruptured it was a sudden and intense (worse I've ever had) headache. I then lost vision and started vomiting and became very disoriented. Again, this is my own experience but most people who have AVM bleeds in their brain experience something similar to this. Hope that helps.

Thank you all for answering my question.I forgot to mention,I also have Trigeminal Neuralgia on my left side.The Neurologist did say that the avm caused me to have this.I get severe pains in my head,it feels like stabbing and jolts in my brain and face area.I already had attacks so bad my head,I begged my husband to shoot me..According to the doctor,there wasnt a bleed.Im just alittle worried because my mom had a stroke and was a vegetable,my dad,he passsed away and recently my brother.

Hi Barbara. A lot of us refer to our bleeds as the Grandmother of all headaches. I sincerely hope you do not have one. You are still in my prayers!

If the AVM bleeds, you might get a sever Migraine, Blurred vision, slurred speech and balance issues. If it bleeds on brain it might trigger a Stroke.