I trust, i write

I need write, i trust you all so i don't make me worry!

Since my more young age, my health isn't at the top. I was born with the parkes weber syndrome, 9 months later I had a viral myocarditis ventricular, which the doctors have well-groomed.But another problem still exist today.. my syndrome. Okay you may thing i exagerate, but it's very difficult to live a life of a young teenager different from the others.. I wear all days contentions tights, i tire quickly.. i have a member different of the other one.. It's difficult to undergone judgements and the looks of peoples everyday when we have just 17.. But fortunately i have very good friends, and a boyfriend,Maxime; tomorrow, it will do one year and eleven months with him <3. He is fantastic, and love me with my differences. He said too i will be not the same person without this. Fortunately he is here, he helped me a lot... And be present in the most difficults periods. I will share with you a terrorified experience in the next blog post. Thank you to read ^^

(Don't forget i'm french so excuse me for mistakes)

I am glad your boyfriend is supportive, Tidou. If writing helps, keep at it. :)

Thank you very much dancermom :slight_smile: