I'm Free From The AVM :-)

Hi, I want everyone to know how well my doctor's from the INN in New York saved my life! My AVM was just removed a month ago and I feel so much better! Before surgery I had 5 Embolizations during the past 6 years. My AVM was on the left side of the brain, attached to the Hipocampus. After embolizing 5 times, it made having it removed safer without damaging my memory, speech..etc.. I have 2 children that I worry more about than myself and they gave me the strength I needed to recover. Thank you all for also helping me stay positive! If anyone needs more specific information reagrding my doctors, I will gladly forward it. :-)

hi grace, good for you! Remeember how lucky u have been everyday :)

That is fantastic news!!! Congratulations and may God continue blessing you!!! Enjoy this beautiful day!!

I'm so glad to read about your success! Congratulations on having so many reasons to smile. Wishing you the best always.

Thanks everyone! I appreciate it. It wasn't fun, but being positive helps a lot. And with the "AVM Find a Cure" fundraiser I have every year, it makes me feel helpful to any child that might have to go thru what I went thru. :)

I was just diagnosed three weeks ago, today. I understand how you feel about your children. My daughter is the reason that I WILL GET through this! Trying to stay positive...but right now very difficult!

Great news! Congratulations!!

Super Hurrah!!

So happy to hear your update Grace - another AVM gone - so very happy for you!!! AMEN to another AVM gone!!!