Indiana Residents

I had stereotactic radiosurgery in 2009 and my Doctor moved to Minnesota. I have yearly check ups and I’m in seach of a new Doctor. If anyone can recommend a good one I would greatly appreciate it.

Hey there jason i live near lafayette indiana and my doctor for my Specialty AVM stuff since 1999 has been Dr. Troy Payner who was in charge of my embolizations, radiation, and oversaw (or conferred with or whatever they call it) my brain surgery in '13 by his colleague Dr. Cohen. those are highly specialist doctors and i have only seen them when i had a bleed, but will be seeing them again in 6 months for my 5yr check. they are excellent.

If you are refering to just a regular doctor, the doctors i have mentioned have pretty much left me alone concerning anything that was not an emergency (such as a bleed) and i just see my regular family doctor, Dr. Robert Holmes, here in Lafayette, who has been amazing for me as well. I have had some very un-helpful doctors in my time; so i say good luck to you and be very picky. I hope you end up with as excellent care as i have recieved from those I mentioned