Info on AVM Specialists

hello there,
I have been in touch with a few of the leading AVM doctors in the U.S. and would appreciate any info that you may have. my daughter Theresa still needs to have her AVM addressed.Thanks in advance, Marc

Dr, Solomon, Columbia Presbeterian N.Y.
Dr. Chang, Stanford U, Cal.
Dr. Martin, UCLA
Dr. Chapman, Mass. General, Boston
Dr. Spetzler, ariz.

Hi Marc. I have done some searches for you…
Click on those links and you can see what people have said about them.
Best of luck with your decision. I will be praying for you and your daughter.

Thank you very much for taking the time and the good wishes

Hi Marc,
A couple more experts to add to your list:
Dr. Gary Steinberg
Dr. Michael Lawton
Best wishes to you, your daughter & family,

Dr. Rigamonti, Johns Hopkins

What was the opinion of these doctors? Dr. Spetzler performed Andrew’s surgery, twice. He is regarded as on of the best in the country (If not the world). I know there are many other great doctors out there. Two other names that weere given to me when Andrew was first diagnoised where Dr. Barrow, in Atlanta and Dr. Batjer in Chicago. Hope this helps.

Dr. Milton Waner in NYC and Dr. James Suen in Little Rock at University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences are widely respected AVM doctors. I

My daughter had a craniotomy at St. Louis Childrens’ Hospital- Dr. Park. Her’s was not an avm, but the doctors and hospital are amazing!

Dr. Steinberg just resected my daughter’s AVM.

Hi Marc,

I have been going to the Barrow for testing and treatment with Dr. Spetzler and Dr. McDougall since 2006. I can’t recommend them highly enough. It was them who gave me a correct diagnosis after having an incorrect one for four years, and they are the only doctors who have been able to help me at all.

They, the Barrow Neurological Institute, and St. Joseph’s hospital are, in my opinion, just awesome.

I’m losing track now of how many times I’ve been there, but it has certainly been enough times to be able to make a recommendation with complete confidence.

I’m wishing the best for Theresa and your family for Theresa’s care and treatment.


Hi Marc,

You might also consider seeing Dr. Hunt Batjer and Dr. Bernard Bendock at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago. The hospital’s number is 312/■■■■■■■■. I hope everything goes well.


Here are some names from my research
Surgery - Dr Spetzler is by far and away the best.
Cyberknife - Try Stanford - Dr. Adler and Dr. Dodd
Embolization - Dr. Alejandro Berenstein at Beth Israel and Dr. Emmanuel Houdart at Hospital Lariboisiere in Paris.

Please keep on mind that the above is in cntext of spinal AVM but I believe applies in general also. The kkey to look at who does how many cases. I believe they do the most.

Bets wishes


For cerebral vascular neurosurgery, I’ll recommend Dr. Judy Huang at Johns Hopkins Hospital. US News and World Report ranks Hopkins #1 is neurology and neurosurgery in the US:…

I can vouch for Dr. Huang! She plucked that AVM right outta my husband’s head and he was home in 4 days and back to work a month later. Bless that woman! Plus she’s pretty nice and cool and her manner is very matter of fact, no nonsense and friendly, must be said.