Is Embolization and Resection of AVM, considered a kind of traumatic brain injury?

In reading everything I can to understand my husband and his AVM (now removed). I am wondeirng if having brain surgery itself to remove AVM is considered a brain injury?

Hi Kat,

I wouldn’t call it an injury, but it certainly could be considered “brain trauma”. In any case, it’s invasive. And I guess you could be “injured” as a result of the surgery in the form of new deficits.

Hope this helps.
ron, ks

From what i was told it is brain trauma alot of inflammation, swelling in the area of removal.

Hello Kat. I hope you are finding answers as you discover more questions. It is a circle, yes? I have been told repeatedly that my craniotomy was shock and trauma, my bleed caused injury to my brain (ie vision loss, etc.) and that I should not be hot in the head with a baseball bat as that can cause traumatic brain injury. The words are userously situationally compromised and defied by medical definition. Rather like the dtroke vs. bleed question, the end result is defined by the aftermath/consuquence of a particular reaction to a particular action. In other words Kat-ask everyone read everything , wait-you are doing exactly that. My attempt at humor aside, I hope you find the answers you seek. Answers seem to vary from specialty to specialty and person to person. You are fantastic to be doing so much to understand all of this. Your husband is truly blessed to have you. You may want to check for any and all services privided for him and you through the original hospital involved as well as organizations affiliated with them. Seek out and accept any and all support services and rehab and love you can find for both of you. You are a team, even if you have different positions. You are important. Be good to you. Take care of you. This experience is always a one moment at a time learning experience for everyone involved. You and yours are in my thoughts and prayers

Thanks everyone. I asked the question, because and I was wondering if the deficits people have after experiening a traumatic brain injury can be the same for people who have had AVM resections. My husband had just one seizure (which was how the AVM was discovered), no bleed, and his small AVM in the left temporal lobe was removed without incident 1.5 years ago, however he seems to have some of the behaviors listed for a peson who has had a tramatic brain injury, hence my question.