Is it normal

Hi…I have several avms in my face head area…is that normal? I’m really scared…I’m going abroad to have this checked by my other doctors and get it treated. In the meantime…I am just scared…I don’t know what to expect…

Hi Rina. Is it “normal” is a hard question. Do people have them in their faces? Absolutely! Mine is in my face as well. AVM’s can occur anywhere in your body. There isn’t anyplace exempt from them. The most common place is the brain, but we have members with arm, leg, pelvic, lungs, uterous…really everywhere. Check out our extremity group here. Also if you search the member tab for face or facial you will find many people with similar stories to your own.
I hope you find some of the answers you need here. It IS totally normal to be scared. But hopefully you will see that there are others just like you and you will see the treatments, outcomes, and relatively “normal” lives we all have. It should bring a little comfort to you and maybe be a source of information and questions that you can ask your docs.
Let me know if I can help.